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About us

Shanti Wellness Centre started as a brick and mortar store in February 2010 in Wetaskiwn, Alberta. Our mission was to provide healing modalities to our clients such as massage, reflexology, reiki, organic facials and organic body wraps.

Zaheen Nanji, author, speaker and NLP Practitioner, together with her husband Badur Nanji, Registered Massage Therapist, run the centre with their team of qualified practitioners.

We quickly realized that our clients were looking for quality products to enhance their well-being and this was difficult to acquire in our small town. After understanding the wellness product market and looking for quality suppliers we decided to focus on hair care, skin care, essential oils and protein snacks.

Why hair care, skin care and essential oils?

One of the owners, Zaheen Nanji, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and she was looking for natural hair care products with therapeutic essential oils in them, but found there was hardly anything available. Moreover, during her chemotherapy treatments, she found that essential oils helped her with nausea, rashes on her skin and sleep!

This quest of healing with essential oils, wellness teas and quality snacks, got her researching and that’s how the Shanti Wellness online store came to be!

What is Wellness?

Did you know:

Stress is responsible for most physician visits.

Stress is the reason for sick leaves, leave of absence and abseentism from work.

Diabetes and heart disease are now considered epidemics.

Most prescription drugs are maintenance drugs.

Most of us wait for the dis-ease to appear before we react to make changes or become customers of the pharmaceutical industry. Wellness starts with you and this has been very evident in cultures such as Asian, South Asian and the Native Indian. Our philosophy of wellness encompasses the mind, body, spirit as a whole with a balance flow of energy.

Our mission is to provide this balance so you can establish a healthier lifestyle proactively.